Burton A. Perrett
June 7, 1927 - November 9, 2012
Burton A. Perrett 85, of Harmar, passed away at home November 9, 2012. He was born June 7, 1927 in Pittsburgh to the late Burton Perrett and Mary Williams and has been a lifelong resident of the Valley. Burt served his country in The United States Marines during the Korean War and received the distinguished Purple Heart. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. Burt served his community for over 4 decades as a Harmar Township patrolman, constable, captain and Police chief. He had a passion for being a cop and to make his community the safest place for families. He was a dedicated policeman 24/7 and his crusade led to the capture and arrests of murderers, felons, rapists, child abusers, drug dealers, etc..etc.. He also once delivered a baby, plus many acts of heroism and kindness to the Harmar community. He was awarded The Distinguished Valor Award from the Deputy Sherriff's Office, Bravery and Courage award from the Harmar Bussissman, Meritorious Service from V.F.W. Post 9764, Whos Who In American Law Enforcement and a Resolution from the House Of Representatives commended Burt for the brave manner in which he performed his duty in spite of his wounds. He was wounded (shot) in the leg while apprehending four criminal suspects. Nevertheless, while wounded, he did manage to capture one of them. His action was a display of courage in the face of overwhelming odds. All of this besides being decent, generous, unbelievable stamina, great character, devotion, hard working and a great smile to go along with all of this.. Survivors Include: Loving wife of 55 years Evie Honkus Perrett Son Reilly (Dorothy) Perrett of Harmar Two Grandchildren Cody and Cayley Perrett His special friend Reenie Loheyde Besides his parents, he was also prededed in death by his in-laws Matt and Georgetta Honkus Per the request of the Perrett family, services and burial will be private. Arrangments supervised by THE CHARLES B. JARVIE SPRINGDALE FUNERAL HOME INC. 801 Pgh. St. www.jarviefuneralhome.com







Ted Shaffer

My condolences to Riley and Family

Susie & John Parran - jcparran@aol.com

Ms. Evie, We are so very sorry about Burt's passing. He was a great husband, father and man.

Jerry Kruth - gkruth@aol.com

Burt Perrett was the embodiment of a good cop and a good guy. I recall him fondly giving that knows-everybody big smile, and waving traffic at the Hulton Bridge in the evenings. My Dad, Leonard, was the Justice-of-the-Peace back them, so I saw him in the office frequently, and knew him pretty well. He was firm, but friendly with us local kids. Never mean, but never let us get away with anything, either. One weeknight, after a high school basketball game, a sport at which I did not excel, I hastened home too fast through Acmetonia after a disappointing loss. As I pulled into the yard, I looked behind me and saw that big bubble gum machine on the top of the car behind me, and as I got out, so did he. “I don’t care if your Old Man is the Judge. You’ve got to obey the laws like anyone else,” he said severely. I was more scared of my Dad than him, because we were never allowed to screw- off as kids, but I was plenty scared of Burt too. We all knew he meant business when he said something. Probably my best memory of him as Burt- the- cop, came when someone planned an outdoor high school graduation party with several kegs of beer. As we drove up to the wooded party spot out near Rosedale Sportsmen Club, instead of exuberant party- goers, there he was, waiting for us in that aqua-blue police car (they didn’t call them “cruisers,” in those days). We were all scared as hell. Instead of arresting a bunch of seventeen and eighteen year-olds, he gathered us around him, like that wise old uncle he was. He gave everyone an ass chewing, warning us he didn’t want any more shenanigans, then sent us on our way. I remember my Dad saying Burt was a little tougher on some issues than Sonny. It was the Marine in him, Dad would say. I knew he had been in Korea, but it was just a distant place to us kids. As I matured, I came to appreciate the service and sacrifices of men in combat zones, and I always wanted to drop by his place up on the hilltop and ask him about it, and if he had been at that leatherneck hell-hole, the Chosin Reservoir, when the Chinese broke through. Like a lot of missed chances in life, I never will now. So he’s off to join Sonny. They were two great guys. Strong, tough, when necessary, but kindly. It was one of the reasons Harmarville was a great place to grow up --sort of like Mayberry in some ways. I hope his last days were peaceful. If there’s a great afterlife, I hope he and Sonny are out in a comfortable patrol car, enjoying themselves. Thanks Burt. R.I.P, “Buddy.”

Tom Brewer - tom.brewer@provia.com

Evie: I am sorry sorry to hear of your loss. I always enjoyed hearing about his experiences and of your life with him. We will be praying for you and yours.



Becky Spinelli Borci - becky@beckyborci.com

My condolensces to Riley and all the family. I was saddened to hear of the loss of your Dad. He WAS a special person in the Harmer area and was well respected by many or us. God Bless you all. God Speed to Heaven dear Burt. Becky Spinelli Borci, living in Port Charlotte Florida.

Jerry & Beth Osan

To Reilly & Family.. Very sorry to hear about your Dad...He was one of the best. Always had a great smile and how he would remember everyone's name and took the time to say hell-o..I will remember him with that cigar that smile and how he kept the area safe...Thanks Burt..

Judi Zilla Mills

Deepest sympathy to you all. I'm a friend of Judy's, and worked with her at Dan's, where I met Burt. He was such a truly kind man to all of us. We also knew he meant business! Surprisingly, I would think of him at times when a police incident occurred and was well-handled, even though I've been away from the area for 50 years. He had a great impacr on many.

Sheryl, Katie & Shelby Paul

Evie, Reilly, Dorothy, Cody & Cayley~ Sending our deepest sympathy to you and your family at this sad time. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Kim Gedraitis - kimgedra@comcast.net

I am very sorry for your loss thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

Barbara Demelco Cisek - bacisek@consolidated.net

My sincere sympathy to all of the Perrett Family. I like so many others will remember Burt with his cigar and always looking out for others. Barbara Demelco Cisek & Family

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